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The future belongs to the Third Medicine—the one which unites the Contemporary Western and the Traditional Eastern medicines. This integration begins in the pain treatment clinics.

Pain Treatment Case Histories Using Microcurrent and Color Light Therapies

By Darren Starwynn, OMD, LAc and Vong Vui Leong

Author Note: Dr. Leong is now deceased. It is my honor to share these insights and case histories he wrote up almost 10 years ago. They are still very valuable and reflect a dedicated and highly skilled acupuncturist’s work and experience. I offer them so that the value of his work may live on.


The Acute and Chronic Pain Are Two Different Phenomena

But neither life in an induced coma, nor a lifelong neuro-block is a feasible solution in chronic pain. What’s more – chronic pain stems out of systems much older, in evolutionary terms, than the nervous one, such as the humoral system and most importantly – the Bonghan channels. This explains the positive effect of Aspirin and the other NSAID here, as well as the overall higher success rate of alternative holistic methods, which target the simultaneous effect on the body, psyche and organism of the “individual”.

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Pain and analgesia according to traditional Chinese medicine

Historically the Western world became aware of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) after President Nixon’s visit to China in 1972, when an accompanying American journalist developed acute appendicitis, to the amazement of Nixon and his delegation, necessitated an urgent operation under “needle anesthesia”. This is how acupuncture gained fame in the US. Unfortunately this event gave rise to two pri­mitive misconceptions in Western medicine.

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Proprietary psycho-holographic 3d Model of Pain

There is hardly a person who has never experienced pain – in this sense we all know what it is. From a scientific point of view, though, pain is a very complex matter and it might sound surprising but doctors in general (including the professors teaching medicine!) do not know its’ modern definition.

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Our Pain Management treatment

1st Day of Treatment

The first session involves obtaining a full medical history of the patient and the present condition, studying all previous medical results available – copies of medical tests & examinations, blood and urine samples to date (if present). It is followed by a full medical examination of current presentation. A line of treatment is then decided, on the basis of the information gathered from all of the above, followed by the first actual treatment session. Actual treatment method applied is a combination of use of Chinese needles (acupuncture), infra-red laser (area specific treatment) or moxa (treatment through targeted applied heat), applied in accordance with the System Energetics Acupuncture Theory and Model. In total: 3 hours by person.

2nd Day

Brief re-examination and second actual treatment session. In total: 90 -100 min. per person.

3rd Day

No treatment applied on the third day, in order to allow for the organism to rest and integrate treatment previously applied – free time.

4th Day

Brief re-examination and third actual treatment session. In total: 90 -100 min. per person.

1 Week Rest

No treatment applied for a week, in order to allow for the organism to rest and integrate treatment previously applied – free time.

Fourth session

After about a week long break the forth and final session takes place, which includes auriculotherapy. During this session tiny devices are placed on various cochleas points (specific points located on both earlobes, which are major acupuncture centres, responsible for various bodily organs), which stay intact and in place for a total of 3 weeks, allowing for constant stimulation of these centres for this period, called autoregulation. Thus, through the use of these tiny implements the actual acupuncture treatment and healing process continues for 3 more weeks after the official end of treatment in the clinic.
Please remark all visits are 4 – not 10 or 30 as required by some acupuncturists. Cause of this many patients from West Europe started to come in Sofia and Bulgaria for 2 weeks treating their pain…


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