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The future belongs to the Third Medicine—the one which unites the Contemporary Western and the Traditional Eastern medicines. This integration begins in the pain treatment clinics.

Acupuncture and cancer

Despite all these apparent benefits, the authors state, the conventional oncology community “has shown itself reluctant to integrate acupuncture and other complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities into their treatment plans for patients with cancer.”


About pain clinics

Thanks for the Memories, Dr. Bonica

Following is the firsthand account of one anesthesiologist, Rajindar K. Wadhwa, M.D., who spent time with Dr. Bonica at the University of Washington and at his interdisciplinary program.

consider myself blessed to have worked with world-renowned anesthesiologists such as P.C Lund, M.D., Gertie Marx, M.D., and Robert Hingson, M.D. It was their teachings that encouraged me to explore and enhance my knowledge in chronic pain management. Yet it was the inspiration of another great man, John J. Bonica, M.D., who changed the course of pain treatment as we know it today.

On Contemporary Medicine

Let us be clear about it then: the morphological way is not revealing the functioning of the human organism. On the contrary! Countless interrelations of the organs are continuing to be functionally unknown. Aren’t we beginning to look like a savage, who is looking at the circuit boards of a computer, trying to figure out the software in it?


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